Board of Directors

Farah Stockman is an award-winning foreign policy reporter with the Boston Globe based in Washington D.C. She lived in Kenya and Tanzania from 1997 to 2000, working first as a full-time teacher at the Katoloni Rehabilitation Centre for street children in Machakos, Kenya, and then as a freelance journalist. Farah founded Jitegemee with support from the local community in Kenya. Her previous non-profit experience includes directing the Mission Hill Summer Program with Harvard’s Phillips Brooks House in 1996.

Catherine Mosca works as an Online Editor for the Tom Peters Company. Prior to her current position, Cathy’s career revolved around children and family issues, first during 16 years with the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services in Florida and then for seven years as a full-time childcare worker. She currently serves as Jitegemee’s Secretary-Treasurer and lives in Arlington, Mass.

Allyson Black-Foley is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. She spent her junior year in Uganda, and she returned in her senior year to carry out research for a thesis on women entrepreneurs. Her thesis was titled Imposed Adjustment: A Case Study of the Impact of Structural Adjustment Policies on Rural Women Farmers in Eastern Uganda from 1975-Present.


Michelle Brooks is a managing principal with Arlon Capital Partners, the direct private investment arm of theContinental Grain Company. Prior to joining Arlon, Michelle was a principal with Weston Presidio, a private equity investment fund, and Editorial Director for Experience, Inc. Michelle received her A.B. in Government from Harvard College and her M.B.A. with distinction from Harvard Business School. Michelle lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and children.

By profession and by disposition, Shulamit “Shu” Kahn is an economist. She is a tenured professor at Boston University School of Management, teaching courses in economics and statistics. Her present research is about compliance with labor laws, particularly minimum wage and overtime regulations. She is also tracking the status of women in academia, both in her research and for a Boston University faculty committee on diversity. Over the years, she has been on boards and in leadership positions at her synagogue and her children’s schools, dealing with budgets, hiring, oversight, and numerous special projects. Shu lives in Boston with her husband.


Clarence Wardell III is a Research Analyst with the Safety and Security division at CNA, a government think tank in Washington, D.C.  At CNA, Clarence works on disaster preparedness and response issues at the federal, State, and local levels of government.  Prior to joining CNA, Clarence completed his Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Industrial and Systems Engineering.  His desire to better understand the dynamic between donors and non-profit organizations led to his dissertation work, titled “Signaling and Search in Humanitarian Giving: Models of Donor and Organization Behavior in the Humanitarian Space.”  Clarence also holds a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Wairimu Mwaura

Wairimu Mwaura works as a marketing associate at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Ma. She previously worked for both Wells Fargo Bank and Wachovia Small Business Capital. Her non-profit experience includes fundraising for the Africa Cancer Foundation, founded in 2011 by the minister of medical services in Kenya.



kmKyalo Musau is a Software Quality Analyst who currently works for an educational software company in Maryland.  Kyalo, a Kenyan native, has a BSc degree in International business from the United States International University (USIU) as well as an MBA from Indiana University (IU). Outside his career in the IT field, in the past Kyalo has worked with the UN organizing children events and fundraising projects, he also has experience in events promotions and management. Prior to moving to the US he was managing the freight department of Akamba Public Road Service, which is the largest bus company in East Africa. Jitegemee’s cause means a lot to all board members but even more so to Kyalo. His family is from and still lives in Machakos Kenya where since its inception Jitegemee has been focusing its efforts in addressing the plight of street children as well as other under privileged children which has resulted in giving them a promise of a better future.



Jessamyn Berniker is a partner at law firm in Washington, D.C.  Her practice focuses on patent litigation and licensing disputes, although she has significant litigation experience in criminal, copyright, antitrust, legal malpractice, and general civil matters as well.  Jessamyn received undergraduate degrees in chemistry and French from Pacific Lutheran University and her J.D. from Harvard Law School.  She is a long-time member of the 18th Street Singers, a Washington-based choir that performs regularly at the Kennedy Center.  Jessamyn lives in Washington, DC with her husband.